Our Scope of Services

Owl Springs Consulting was established to join efforts to decrease healthcare disparities among our Native communities. Our vision is to support Tribal Sovereignty through Self Determination. We work hard alongside tribal organizations and healthcare entities who serve Native communities to fulfill our mission to Build Sustainable 638 Healthcare Systems.  

We provide services to support the establishment, sustainability, and expansion of healthcare services in tribal communities. We do this through direct consultation, training, corporate meeting planning and conference management services.



OSC provides direct consultation to organizations who aim to provide healthcare services in tribal communities. Honoring the guidance and needs of the community, OSC assists the organization in addressing healthcare disparities in a culturally safe and culturally competent manner.


OSC develops training seminars and opportunities that meet your organization needs or those of the tribal community. Additionally, we are the founders and host of the "Advancing Tribal Healthcare Conference: Improving Process & Performance in Native Country"



Conference Management Services

At OSC, we understand the importance of executing professional and high caliber professional meetings that represent the brand of your organization. With over 10 years of experience in conference management and event planning across the country, OSC can assist you with meetings of any size.